Understanding Skin Care Products

Updated: Jan 4


There are many cleansing preparations which are on the market. They all vary in formulations and are designed to be suitable for the many skin types

These include:

  • Cleansing creams;

  • Cleansing milks;

  • Cleansing lotions;

Cleansing Creams

The key ingredients are:

· Waxes;

· A combination of various oils;

· Water;

· Preservatives;

· Fragrance; and

· Emulsifiers.

· Detergent - sodium lauryl sulphate

Cleansing Milks

The key ingredients include:

· A mixture of oils, generally mineral oils;

· Emulsifiers;

· Detergents;

· Large portions of water; and

· Smaller portions of waxes in comparison to cleansing creams.

Cleansing Lotions

The key ingredients include:

· Water and detergent solutions;

· Anti-bacterial agents;

· Fragrance; and Emulsifiers

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