4 Reasons why the 'Cooling off Period' is important

Updated: Jan 9

1 - Contributes to Clients making an informed Decision

Providing clients with time to reflect prior to aesthetic procedures contributes to the clients informed decision making and ensures that consent is valid. The informed consent should be obtained at the pre-procedure face to face consultation as well as confirmed again at the day of the treatment. Giving clients time to reflect also contributes to being able to manage a clients expectations accordingly.

The cooling off period gives the client enough time to consider the information which has been provided and consider the risks and cost involved. Clients must know they have the option to change their mind. Clients should not feel pressured into a sale or feel rushed to make a decision that they may regret later. Giving the client time to reflect can safeguard the client as well as the practitioner and give the client confidence in your service.

2 - Allows Clients to Decide if their lifestyle allows them to commit to the Treatment for optimal results

Giving clients time to reflect also provides the client with time to follow any pre home care advise provided by the practitioner which will contribute to the overall results of the treatment. Clients will get to experience their part in the treatment plan and be able to determine whether their lifestyle allows them to follow the advice which will contribute to the overall aesthetic result.

3 - Compliance with insurance Policy

The amount of time given for a cooling off period should reflect the invasiveness, complexity, permanence as well as the risks associated with the treatment. It is important that the practitioner checks with their insurance provider on what they recommend to be enough time to reflect for any particular aesthetic treatment they provide and follow the insurance guidelines on this. A cooling off period is usually between 7 to 14 days depending on the treatment and insurance providers recommendations.

4 - Reduces the risk of an unhappy client and complaints

Giving clients time to reflect about the treatment they will receive helps to improve client satisfaction and reduces the risk of complaints and claims being made against you which can be detrimental for your business. This is because the client has had the time to consider all of the information which has been provided to them including all associated risks, pre care and home care advise and has made an informed decision to contribute their part in their treatment plan which will improve the overall results of the treatment.

By not providing clients with a cooling off period or enough information regarding the procedure prior to their appointment are more at risk of being disappointed in their service

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