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Consultations are vital to ensure that clients are making an informed decision about their service. 

Carrying out an effective consultation, includes gathering clients medical history, treatment history and the effects or any previous treatments, including carrying out a physical examination of the area of concern. This information can be used to establish what results the client is hoping for.  This is all vital to enable the practitioner to not only make an accurate assessment of the clients needs and suitability for the treatment.  But it also provides the practitioner with enough information to be able to create a treatment plan and provide the opportunity for the practitioner to explain in full with the client the whole process from start to finish including any other treatments which may coincide with the procedure for optimal results, complications and any risks which are associated with the treatment.  Alternative treatments options should also be discussed.

Insurance Requirements 

Free Botox Consultation Download 

The Downloadable Consultation form Includes the following:

- Personal Details

- Medical History 

- BDD Questionnaire 

- Treatment History 

- Ethnicity and Religion 

- Face and Skin Analysis made simple to use 

- Lifestyle 

- Photograph Consent 

- Consent form 

- Treatment evaluation form made simple

- Client Declaration Post Treatment 

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