Lip MasterClass for Newly Trained Practitioners

Updated: Jan 12

Sometimes, having a system when carrying out lip injections can help with nerves. We have put together a system (map) which can help you achieve beautifully shaped lips and a defined cupid bow while still using linear thread technique.

Remember not to inject too deep into the lip as going too deep has more risk of vascular complications .

Step 1 - Begin at injection point 1. Enter the skin and find your position. Make sure your needle is exactly in the place you want your product to be

Step 2 - Slightly tent your needle. You should be able to see the shape of your needle but not the colour of your needle. if you can see the colour you may be too superficial

Step 3 - Holding your need steady, (Aspirate) Pull the plunger back 0.10 mil and count to 5

Step 4 - Find your position and begin to place product as you retract the needle. Stop pushing the plunger before exiting the skin to prevent migration.

Step 5 - Repeat each step until you have reached number 18. occasionally less injection points are needed depending on the size of the clients lips. adjust your technique accordingly.

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